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Our range of Car / Vehicle Elevator is extensively used for the easy movement of cars and vehicles across the floors of buildings, malls, hotels, hospitals and showrooms. Car Lifts are a significant part of high rise car parking. Car lifts take care of features such as size, weight of the materials, to be transported and


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ESCALATOR Escalators fully apply the novel materials and the advanced domestic and overseas technology for design and manufacture. The escalators have the consummate structure, elaborate stairway, delicate belt, attractive outline, they are widely applicable for large passenger flow areas such as the shopping centers,supermarkets,subways,airports etc. It adds a charming mobile view for vast construction. MOVINGWALK/TRAVOLATOR


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The Machine Room less Elevators  save construction space to a large extent. The permanent magnet synchronous motored gearless machines have unapproachable superiority to the traction motor and save roughly 35% of energy consumption featuring excellent reliability and durability; they have a compact design, light weight & operate quietly and there is no need for lubrication. Such elevators have


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The Hydraulic elevators are based on the motor mechanism for hydraulic lifts. The system operates on the elevator valves, submersible motors and screw pumps are manufactured by specialized European companies This product comes in a variety of configurations and is ideal for buildings with the following features and service needs: Coordinate Plunger (Holed Type): Typically


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Capsule Elevators act as Architectural highlights on prestigious buildings. They can be called the ornaments of a building as they enhance its beauty and bring life into it. Their design, features and infinite options add its optimum travel comfort. They have aesthetically attractive interiors with large glass viewing panel. Capsule lifts demand specialized knowledge and we